Loyal Furry Friend

I have always been known for collecting strays. When I find one that becomes affectionate and eager I embrace that. I enjoy the uninhibited feeling of petting and attending to the needs and pleasures of the pet.

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Our furry "little people"

We currently have 3, all adopted. Our oldest is 8 (Pandora), a motled gray female DLH, my baby. She and her sister (who died at age 2) if they're on my lap and find themselves falling, will not extend claws. Our middle "child" is Sylvestra who is 6, a female adopted from the county shelter (along with a Blue Seal Point Burmese who died a couple of years ago- dog attack). Our youngest is Teva, age 4, male, adopted when were at Carolina Foothills 4+yrs. ago...he's a Japanese bobtail mostly.
The more affection you give a cat, the more you'll get back.

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RE: In Profile

Cats know their people and cat people know their cats.

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New Kittens

One of my co-workers has a litter of kittens that were dumped at her home. She is trying to get them used to people. We're thinking of adopting one orange and black short haired little one. There are others who need adopting too. Anyone interested, please message me.

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RE: New Kittens

We're hopefully getting the runt of that litter. I've named her Ayla, but that could change as we spend some time with her. She nipped the tech at the vet's office who was tending to her needs. The lady at my office is having all of them spayed/neutered, and they've already gotten their first round of kitten shops. My little one is now in quarantine for 10 days. We'll be getting her on or about July 11th. It's going to be great having a kitten to integrate with the other two...well maybe challenging.
Ayla will be coming home on Monday. I posted a photo to my facebook page on on my photos here. There are 4 more sibblings left to adopt who have had their first shots and been spayed/neutered.

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