RE:for the christians

Our churches are only for our own comfort in inclement weather. If they are anything more it fosters pride of display which is counter to true worship. Best place to talk with our Creator is out with what he created, best way is void of all adornment. But wether we are clothed or not is irrelevant to Him. He wants our heart, our love. He wants that love in us passed on to others. Love demonstrated causes more love to spring up in return. Then true love bears fruit in obedience to His commands. Love generates faith, which in turn generates good works. But i love wslking in nature and talking with God. Hes my best friend and my protector.

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RE:for the christians

Have attended a Bible study at Laguna Del Sol and a church service at Glen Eden (both many years ago).

All home Bible study is done nude, because we are created in His image, why hide it? Only satan is offended by God's image, and those who are under satan's influence will toe the line and act all offended by nudity. Even so-called Christians get offended by nudity because they still follow satan. Yes, satan finds the image of God offensive. What a shock.

So, with that in mind, why should it matter if you are nude when worshiping or studying the word of God? No big deal. Unless you are satan.

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RE:for the christians

Many times over the years. And these days as i read through the Bible i am noticing all of the other naked people in the, Good Book.

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