Legalize social nudism in India

Dear Fellow Nudist friends,
I have raised a petition on platform which asks Indian government to legalize social nudism in India. I need all of you to support me & sign the petition so that our voice reaches to the Indian government.
Request you to click on following link & sign the petition so that we can breathe freely in India:

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RE:Legalize social nudism in India

Dear Sachin, I belive social nudity in India wont b permitted by Indian Govt even we sign petition as nudists in India r just few. Not all think alike is wht I wna say. I discussed abt partying nude on d beach wid my close fnds but thr response made me feel bad abt dem as dey just cudnt accept d idea of being naked. Or thy must not b tht open minded.
So my fnd, lets not think of socialising nudism in India but we a few like minded nudists can enjoy d beauty of nudism wid each other without offending some narrow minded ones.

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RE:Legalize social nudism in India


I totally accept what u r trying to say except one thing. At last u described some people, who r not comfortable with nudism as narrow minded. Its not true.we live in so many doesnt mean those r not comfortable with a single thing r narrow minded.narrow minded people r those who judges people without knowing their best.

My brother is not comfortable with nudism bcoz he likes to wear fashionable clothes. Its his choice.He is more open minded than me.we believe in nudism thats cool. But cloth lovers think of it as a part of civilization. So what we need is respect every thinking. Then only we can get the same respect in return.


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