YOu need to have at least 3 below the belt piercings.......Interesting to see combinations that nudists come up with.


how many people have there genitals pierced , does any one say thing anything about them when you go to a outing ?

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I first prefered a male to do my work but have had as many gals as guys now ans my FAVORITE is a female. Never thouth that woujld be the caee as girls nEVER are in mh man land area but she is a pro and lots of fun to work with on my never ending...


Is it ok to ask or comnent on someones piercing if it's on the opposite sex


triedto upload some pics and it don't work why

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What reactions do you get when people who do not expect to see a pierced peson do so like in a locker room? I love the double takes!

Phoenix, AZ-based new group member

My three(3) HAFADA Piercing(s)...

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HI all- if this is a site for multi pierced folks (and admirers too- why cant we post photos in this group of what we have-- rules say no but how can you see unless you aim a camera at them--?Love to see combinations and know stories of why folks...


how many have there genitals pierced ,does any one in the nudist comitysay any thing about them ?

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ok so I joined to see what other people had piercings besides me. I have 9 total piercings (PA ,2 barbells into in the head and 4 in my balls). Looking for others like me and wanna chat.

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