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Don't want to show your beer boep in the company of slim young guys? This group is for you. Join us to get together round the pool and just have fun in the sun or afterwards in the evening.

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Hi everyone , would like to meet like minded guys close to Livermore. It's lonely way out here.

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Skype chatrooms

NAKED LOUNGE - Nudist Chatroom https://join.skype.com/RX2x1zeVZcJH Combining all the old nudist chatrooms into one NUDIST - FUN CHAT https://join.skype.com/NdE1arhSJlWF Fun chat For the less endowered nudists ( small cocked guys ) to chat / cam with...

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Middle Tennessee

At 72 years of age I still live naked 24/7 and enjoy the company of any nude person ...cheers

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Not enough time

Hello everyone thought I would join the group, wish I took advantage of being nude when I was younger and more firm but, I am enjoying as much time as possible now and feel comfortable with my body at 53 hope everyone feels the same way


Hello all: Gay, 61 yo lifetime nudist. Hope all are well and calm during this unusual time.

Just want to say hi, as I am new in this...

Hi to all here, just turned 50. Well I can't believe it myself, it's odd. I try to stay healthy and do some sport; I am currently on a round the world tour since 5 years with a solar powered bike. Now with the lock down I am trapped in New...

Old Soul

I've felt 50 years old on the inside since my 20s. I tend to relate more to men over 50. I am 32 now.

turned 50

Finally turned 50 just posted a pic