Airbnb And Accommodation For Nudist

---- PLEASE HAVE A VISIBLE PROFILE PICTURE---- Group for all those men who want to share a place in their home with other nudist men, and for all those in search of a room or accommodation for their vacations. Feel free to create a new topic with your listing on Airbnb. Would be good if you try to follow this format on the title of the topic: City - Country type of accommodation.

Vancouver, B.C. in June

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Hi, here is a nudie traveller from Switzerland. Since 2015 I was on the road for 5 years on a solar powered e-assisted recumbent trike, went from Europe across Asia and around Australia to end up in New Zealand, where I had to take a break due to the pandemic. Finally, I can return to New Zealand and will ship my trike to Vancouver. I will arrive in Vancouver on June 19. and the same day as I arrive my trike should be there as well to collect. I need roughly a week to fix it and get ready for the next adventure in B.C. and Alberta. Because my trike and trailer is 5.55 m long and 1m wide it's difficult to find something to store. I can separate the trike from the trailer, then the trailer is 3.8m long and the trike 2m long. But I can't take it up or down stairs. I hope someone her will have something or know somewhere to store that thing and where I could stay. Hope someone can help me out, or have a suggestion for me. (See my pics for the Trike)

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