Airbnb And Accommodation For Nudist

---- PLEASE HAVE A VISIBLE PROFILE PICTURE---- Group for all those men who want to share a place in their home with other nudist men, and for all those in search of a room or accommodation for their vacations. Feel free to create a new topic with your listing on Airbnb. Would be good if you try to follow this format on the title of the topic: City - Country type of accommodation.

Hosting in Provence :)

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Hi from a nudist B&B in Provence, south France :) between Avignon and Orange, in a small village through vineyard :) I f you pass nearby or want to come, easy : let me know :) We do live full nude here, cool and natural, friendly and shameless :) We have a garden and a swimming pool :)

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RE:Hosting in Provence :)

Ive seen the pics, it looks awesome. Id recommend it even before Ive booked!

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