Airbnb And Accommodation For Nudist

---- PLEASE HAVE A VISIBLE PROFILE PICTURE---- Group for all those men who want to share a place in their home with other nudist men, and for all those in search of a room or accommodation for their vacations. Feel free to create a new topic with your listing on Airbnb. Would be good if you try to follow this format on the title of the topic: City - Country type of accommodation.

Nude or C/O accommodation in LA in Feb?

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Hi there. 55yo nudist traveller here.
Travelling from Australia and staying in LA a couple of nights in February 2024 and wondering if theres any nudist or clothing optional accommodation available in LA or days drive.
Havent made my itinerary yet so open to options.

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RE:Nude or C/O accommodation in LA in Feb?

Palm Springs is about 2 hours from LA and has many resort options.

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