Doctor, I Am Fully Naked!

Have you been through medical exam fully naked? How about cystoscopy and/or colonoscopy? What were the experiences like? [CYSTOSCOPY is the procedure where a doctor examines the lining of the bladder and the urethra by a cystoscope into the penis. COLONOSCOPY is the procedure where a doctor examines the colon (large intestine) and rectum by inserting a colonoscope (a long, flexible tube) into the...

Suprise nude exam

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I went to the Urologists this week. Peed in a cup and was lead to the exam room. I was there to have my PSA measured and for the male doc to do a DRE to examine my prostate. Nurse came in and did my vitals and then said she was going to do a bladder scan. Never had one of those before.

Once on the exam table she asked me to lift up my shirt so I took it off. She then asked me to drop my pants, I don't wear underwear so there I am naked. I laid back and she used an ultrasound probe about 1" above the base of my penis. Took a few minutes and it was done. My guess is she has seen a lot of naked guys working at the urologists office, it didn't phase her at all, she just did her job, told me that I was only retaining 45 ml which is great for an old guy like me. The nurse was very respectful, she looked back before opening the exam room door and waited for me to pull my pants back on.

I wasn't expecting to get naked on that visit. Normally it's the male doc sticking his finger up my butt. Nice surprise!!

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RE:Suprise nude exam

Many years ago (approx 20) I had a lump on my right testicle and the first step to check for testicular cancer, was an ultrasound of both testicles.
I was not a full time nudist then, but being totally nude was the order of the day. The female Sonographer was great and quickly put me at ease. Being married certainly helped me, in what could be a very intimate examination.
Fortunately it was deemed to be a large hydrocele which in time vanished.

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