We are nudists who love drinking, if you like drinking too come join us, whether online or in real life.

Happy Hour Friday!

Hello beautiful people what is you favorite cocktail for HH..... My is Tom Collins

Shanky's Whip Black Irish Whiskey

Anyone else tried this delicious liqueur?? It has a sweet toffee, butter and vanilla flavor that I could drink all night long. Can be served in a cocktail, with cola or over the rocks. I enjoy it neat, usually in a small snifter. The lady I am...

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Does tequila is included to

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Mixing cocktails in Nor Cal

The bf and I have been experimenting using flavored seltzers and zero sodas as mixers. My latest mix is Malibu and Mountain Dew Spark. Another yummy is drink is Sweet Tea Vodka with Spark or Malibu with Pineapple seltzer..

Nudist drinker in Central CT

I am not much for online participation. But I am definitely interested in in-person gatherings. I enjoy 1 on 1 time as much as I do with group settings. I am just as open to everyone being nude as much as I enjoy being the only one nude. And would...

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It's 10 am somewhere in the World

A beer, naked in the sun, on a beach, or camping. Humbug, winter sucks, in southern N.S.W , if it's not wind off the Snowy's , Frosts, or drowning from rain. I keep the fond memories , of last season, The Wife and myself , wish we were doing...

naked cam with a good beer

hello Me on Friday night I did naked cam with the face and with a good beer my skype is peahot.

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Gin Drinking

I have a collection of 15 or so different kinds of Gin. Anyone else share my hobby?

Love a drink with mates

Love getting naked with friends and drinks ,))

Beer nudity mates catch up

I live in the awesome Yarra Valley Looking for locals to hang out naked. Few drinks and laughs Can anyone host Cheers