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Not all nudists are body confident it may be for many reasons this page is a support group for those men who may have a stigma attached to their manhood should it be due to size , weather it's circumcised or not whatever the reason may be this page is to help you find that body confidence with support from others

Leeds hotel hangout?

Heading to leeds on March 4th would love to meet some of you and chill, coffee chats

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Cock Size

Joined this group because here to support anyone that may have an issue with there Cock. Nudism isnt about cock size or body type its about just being naked with all types and sizes. No I dont have a big cock. Just want men to b men and comfortable...

Cock size

Ive always had an issue with my penis. Im a tall guy and its rather small when flacid. I was also circumcised as a baby which has affected me most of my life. Mainly because someone else chose to cut a bit of me off and I will never know what it...


Good morning from Tampa. I think I need to clean these floors

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Average size & above with foreskin.

I enjoy my cock every day. I am 7 1/2" L by 6 1/2" C, uncut, which, I believe is above average. I love to show it off if someone expresses interest. Most don't realize I am uncircumcised when I am erect because my foreskin is not as...

Smooth penises

Straight dude here shave twice a week and enjoy seeing and chatting with other smooth dudes and gals. My Skype is live:.cid.14f2daeaabebf206

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by phoenician1978 
Hi Guys

Thanks for letting me in this group. I joined because about three years ago I got a small patch of vitiligo on the top of my penis. Now I have lots of discolouration around my penis , balls and sac. I hate the way it looks and am very conscious of...

The big cock.

Why am I a member of this group when I have what many call a XXL cock ... because happiness is not always a big cock. If it's about nudism, then it attracts an incredible amount of attention when I walk on the beach or am naked with others. I...

My Story...

Hi All. I just joined this group and thought Id share my story about penis size and body image and my journey on overcoming my fears. Its long, so thanks in advance for reading it. I think my issues started in high school when we were required to...