A Nudist's Diary

This is a group where members enjoy to write and read experiences in nudity.

Biker's laundry day

My most recent long distance bicycling guest, Jordan, was totally fine with my nudity of the past couple of days but since we did not soak in the hot tub ( way too hot to be inviting) he stayed in shorts himself. But this morning as he getting ready...

Surprising nudist experience with my...

Last week I and two of my colleagues went to another city for an official tour. We were staying in a hotel. After reaching hotel we went to our own rooms for taking shower. I closed the door but forgot to lock. I got full nude and went inside...

Current house guest

I had a guy book my naturist friendly home yesterday and in his first contact mentioned that he wanted to soak in the hot tub, When I confirmed his booking I asked if it was okay for me to be ready to soak when he got here. He assured me that was...

This past week

On Monday a fellow avid nudist came by to catch some late afternoon sun ( he even skipped out of work early ) from head to toe. One Tuesday a long distance bicyclist pedaled up and we had a good visit. Me nude the entire time him pretty much just...

Nude on TV

I'd been working towards being naked on a well known UK TV show. It started with an audition, part clothed and part nude and all on camera. I had to fill in lots of forms, including one for a DBS check to prove I'm not an any sex...

Mixed Families

It is a happy situation when a man and his wife both enjoy the nudist lifestyle and even more so when both are comfortable with social nudism. The worst possible situation is when one partner enjoys nudism and the other is absolutely intolerant....

Being a Nudist in Suburbia

I am sure there are many of us who enjoy being naked but do find limitations to going nude outside as a result of living in a suburb where houses are close together and where there is a lot of overlook into backyards. I am one of these people and...

Working from home naked

Another first..the new normal way for me I hope

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Nudist Conservation Forest Diaries

Gday community from long term nudist and over past year a Patreon nudist with short and long films about daily life establishing a conservation forest adjoining a national park in Australia. It was established in 2016 where I released a 14 episode...

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No underwear

Learning from other nudistsstarted to not wear underwearright now having shorts in public without underwear.tomorrow first day to worklets see how this will go

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