A Nudist's Diary

This is a group where members enjoy to write and read experiences in nudity.

Influencing the young

A local friend of mine just told me a fun story. She works with 8th graders and each year the students have to plan a road trip. Not take it, just plan it. One of her students discovered my Airbnb listing . My title is " Naturist Friendly"...

Hello everyone

Am new here ,free free to add or message if you want to go naughty

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zero for four

This week has been far warmer than normal for here in Indiana mid May. I have spent most of it at home and naked. During the past week I have had 4 visitors stop by for various lengths of time and I have worn zero clothes while any of them have been...

A naturist is less stressed in lock down?

Hi, during the lock down phase, I could manage some time and space to stay nude. I felt it helped to get my resilience and fight back the stress in a great extent. Do you have similar experiences?

Hello everyone

Hello everyone Im new here Im here to make new friends and nudist Feel free to send request

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Unexpected nudity with?

Please relate a time when you unexpectedly got naked with someone. A situation where going into it you had no idea you would be able to strip down with someone. One that comes to mind for me was while sailing a 45ft yacht in Greece,. The captain was...

who saw u first?

after u realized that you love naturism or u r a nudist, who is the 1st person to see u complete naked??

a naked couple

Following the chain smoking single guy who stayed 4 nights, I have had a couple stay 2 nights. We have all been casually nude around each other and I shared a soak time with them in the hot tub. Since they booked my place as a get away just to the...

Night walking

A bit of a late-night walk tonight. Dressed through streets, then through a large metropolitan park. Was able to take advantage of being on my own. Was only seen by kangaroos as far as I know! They were grazing in the moonlight. Now I'm more in...


I have been on my escape Indiana winter vacation for just over a month now . The first four weeks involved some serious sightseeing in Ecuador and Peru. Nude time pretty well limited to hotel rooms. My wind down time is on a yacht with some friends....


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