A Nudist's Diary

This is a group where members enjoy to write and read experiences in nudity.

On Monday a fellow avid nudist came by to catch some late afternoon sun ( he even skipped out of work early ) from head to toe.
One Tuesday a long distance bicyclist pedaled up and we had a good visit. Me nude the entire time him pretty much just for the hot tub soak
but overall he was casual about his clothing.
Weds evening a female writer friend of mine came by so that we could zoom into our group meeting . We kept our clothes on for the meeting but quickly stripped to soak in the hot tub shortly after the call ended.
Alas the streak broke on Thursday with no visitors. But 3 days in a row with naked folks hanging out is not bad.

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RE:This past week

That was a nice streak. Too bad it could not have lasted.

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RE:This past week

Great week! I'm jealous.

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