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Oktoberfest report & beyond

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For those of you who were able to get to Serendipity this weekend, I heard Beach Ball II was the best ever musical weekend.
For those of you who stayed in South Carolina, it was a great day of fellowship, food, and sipping new and different beverages.
The beers included: Birra Moretti, a orenuyn kager from Italy, brewed & bottled by Heinekin Italia; Leinenkugel with a hint of orange called Orange Shandy; a banana bread beer from the UK plus other lagers, ales, etc.
The wines included a variety of chardonnays, Cabernets, etc. from diverse sources. We also nibbled on mango salsa, organic cheese, garlic/spinach dip on a variety of chips and crackers including sweet potato chips. We enjoyed the temperatures up to low 90s relaxing in the sun on well-padded chaises, chairs, and in the hot tub.Dinner included bratwurst with onions and green peppers, Bavarian sauerkraut, Bavarian chocolate fudge iced rum cake, cherry chocolate ice cream and brownies. As we were starting to clean up, we discovered the sliced new potatoes and butter in the fridge.
Please let me know your thoughts on the 19th/26th events. Our new female club member made a suggestion yesterday at the Oktoberfest event. I'm putting it out there for your input. Rather than just having a Founder's Day party on Oct. 19, how about people bring rakes and finish up our cleanup for the season and then go out to dinner the following Sat., Oct. 26? The hot tub is always on and welcoming as are the chaises.

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