AANR Southeast Members

This is a group for AANR members in the Southeast Area of the United States of America including Florida to meet and talk about the advancement of naturism in society today!!!

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This email is going to all the AANR members willing to stand behind the eight trustees who voted against putting the Planning Committee Proposition on the 2014 ballot. Thank you for your signature on this letter, which is now in Susan's hands. As with any challenge, we could use more support and are collecting a list of "other concerned members from all seven regions" (as the letter states) who are in agreement that we must operate by our own ruling documents. Please feel free at this point to send the letter to anyone you like and ask for support, while keeping in mind that our goal was to not have this conflict reach the general membership (think elected officials and leaders). Anyone who is willing to be listed needs to email me and provide name and title of choice. Please put Opposition in the subject line. We will keep the names on file in case we have to substantiate that we have not even begun to list all those opposed to force or political stunts.Thanks again,Bev PriceLegislation

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