Artistic Photos

This is a place to post your "artistic" photos for others to view and enjoy. However you choose to define "artistic" is up to each individual. The genesis of this idea for me was having taken some shadow/silhouette photos, wanting to share them, but not really knowing where to post them. They are "soft" nude photos that are more provocative than explicit. Hoping...

Our Group Has The Most Photos of Any Group on...

Your Founder/Moderator just wants to give a big "Shout out" to all who have contributed their artistic photos for the enjoyment of our members. At over 1,100 and counting, our group has almost TWICE as many photos as the nearest rival...

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What do you think of my artsy peace photo?

I decided to take a photo of myself doing the peace sign and it is in a old house. What do you think of it?

No Body Adornments Required; Nude Human Form...

I find that I prefer to have no body or genital adornments, with the occasional exception of nice cock-ball rings, and always being full-body smooth.My motto is: "The Fit, Fully Nude, Fully Exposed Human Form the True Art Form" I think I...

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Male Nude Model

I am a very fit and healthy single Life-long Nudist, with very exhibitionist & erotic style. I am 100% straight, and, If I can't be 100% nude, I wear the most minimalist and most shear micro-thong, or micro-brief, that I think I can legally get...

Nude Photographer and model in Paris

Hi. Hoping to find some like minded friends to share in this activity in Paris... or any other parts of world. Please let me know if anyone out there has any interest


Just had a trip to Australia, where I spent a few days with some local nudist friends. We took lots of photos and I enjoyed being photographed in some picturesque locations and different settings. I hope people in this group will appreciate a few of...

I do modelling for photographers and...

I am posing my #skinny and #hairy body in an artistic way

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London UK

Hi I'm John, I am an amateur photographer and will be visiting London at the end of March and I am looking at doing a number of tfp shoots in a severed apartment in the centre of town over a weekend of 24th and 25th. The shoot is time for print,...

Latest Post
Where to best post nude art paintings?

Wondering where the best place to post artistic paintings I've done that fit in the category of nude art but are not necessarily self photos. Posted my newest painting here and one here and on my home page. Did a search but the closest group of...

New Drawing.

Hey guys.I thought I'd share this drawing an artist in Norway did of me.It was drawn as I posed on cam, so great to do some online modelling!Get in touch if you want to draw me :)Col.

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