Artistic Photos

This is a place to post your "artistic" photos for others to view and enjoy. However you choose to define "artistic" is up to each individual. The genesis of this idea for me was having taken some shadow/silhouette photos, wanting to share them, but not really knowing where to post them. They are "soft" nude photos that are more provocative than explicit. Hoping...

looking for male models of any age to...

It's Summer once again here in PA! I belong to a group of photographers that specialize in nude non sexual images. I'm always looking for new people and ideas. Mostly work in the outdoors in nature. All my work is artsy. NO SEX You control...

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artistic nude art

a photo for participation in an "artistic art and nude photo contest" with the theme "FRAMES"

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Looking for female models in Swtzerland

Hi, I aman amteur photogrpaher with quite some experience looking for collaborations with female, nudist or not models. Here is my site: Access to model's page is reserved for models as my arrangements with models posted...

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I got more artsy photos

I have taken some interesting artsy photos. One of me praying, one with a branch with multiple leaves over my body. I even have some of me doing the peace sign at the railroad bridge trail that had nobody on it at the time my nude hiking photo was...

4,000 members... and counting!

Hello fellow Artistic Photos members! I just happened to swing by to perform my Moderator duties and noticed our membership has just reached an even 4,000 members - Wow! Our photo count is at 1,183, which is impressive in its own way. THANK YOU to...

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a example of a artistic nude photo

my first artistic nude picture that i post on truenudists ....

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Our Group Has The Most Photos of Any Group on...

Your Founder/Moderator just wants to give a big "Shout out" to all who have contributed their artistic photos for the enjoyment of our members. At over 1,100 and counting, our group has almost TWICE as many photos as the nearest rival...

What do you think of my artsy peace photo?

I decided to take a photo of myself doing the peace sign and it is in a old house. What do you think of it?

No Body Adornments Required; Nude Human Form...

I find that I prefer to have no body or genital adornments, with the occasional exception of nice cock-ball rings, and always being full-body smooth.My motto is: "The Fit, Fully Nude, Fully Exposed Human Form the True Art Form" I think I...

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