Artistic Photos

This is a place to post your "artistic" photos for others to view and enjoy. However you choose to define "artistic" is up to each individual. The genesis of this idea for me was having taken some shadow/silhouette photos, wanting to share them, but not really knowing where to post them. They are "soft" nude photos that are more provocative than explicit. Hoping...

sunrise walk

Here's a sunrise pic from the beach for this Artistic Photos group

Reflection pic

Here's a reflection pic of mine to submit to this Artistic Photos group,

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yet another arty attempt

Here is another try at being arty. Not sure if it really works or not.

The purpose of this group

As in other artistic groups, nothing of art, photographing a naked body that has nothing to say....

Another arty beach pic

Here's another attempt at an arty pic from our local beach. Catching some sunshine!

sunset at the beach

This is one of my attempts at an 'artistic' shot. I'm quite sure that I have not achieved the highest levels of world class art, but I'm pleased with the result anyway.

Is this artistic?

Not sure if this is considered artistic or not. What do you guys think?

Artistic Photography

I think the human form is artistic but has to be presented to the individuals advantage. Not every pose or picture of the same subject is artistic. The self portrait is a good way to explore what artistic pose is right for you. Just an opinion.

Definition of Artistic photo's

I'm not into censorship by the moderator regarding photo's but I think contributors need to think twice before posting. Close up's of cocks or vaginas is not artistic, that may be my opinion, but I reckon many would agree. If these were...