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This is a place to post your "artistic" photos for others to view and enjoy. However you choose to define "artistic" is up to each individual. The genesis of this idea for me was having taken some shadow/silhouette photos, wanting to share them, but not really knowing where to post them. They are "soft" nude photos that are more provocative than explicit. Hoping...

Large bearded mature male model

Large bearded mature male model available for work up to full nude. Based near Manchester UK

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artistic or porn

I prefer to hide sex organs on my artistic photos, whereas are full frontal more like porn when the legs are wide open in provocative shots. What do you think???

PBS The Case for Nudity - The Nude in Art...

A brief but fascinating little video PBS posted on YouTube that I thought might be of interest to those in this forum:

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by Crazyhill55 
London Photo Project

I am a keen amateur photographer. I am starting a new project photographing men for a series of clothed to nude photos. One photo in the clothes you would ware to work, one in your everyday clothes, one in your underwear you would wear to work, one...

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Debate time - female and male form

Putting aside sexual preferences - is the female form far more artistic than the male form. Or the male form the more artistic? Arguably both genders come in various shapes and sizes, but when it all boils down to taking that amazing nude shot do...

Naked projects

Hi guys, Maybe some of you know my dressed-undressed blog: Last year I startarted with a few similar projects - an extended version of my previous blog, one for home nudists,...

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Looking for a photographer and models for an...

Hi, I would like to find a photographer who is interested in collaborating on a photographic project in 2023. The idea is to combine the nude human form with the beauty of soap bubbles. Bubbles will range in size from very small .. to huge and...

My first nude shoot

I had the pleasure of working with a photographer here in Va who is doing a series about men of all shapes, ages, and ethnicities to promote body acceptance and body positivity in the male community. He was a great person to work with and his eye...

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by Rafael_latino 
I know Artistic is a mindset

I am a photographer and most of the photos here are selfies and a few photos taken from the internet. I would hardly call them Artistic at all, certainly believe it is morally wrong to take something from the internet and post it as if you took it....


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