Artistic Photos

This is a place to post your "artistic" photos for others to view and enjoy. However you choose to define "artistic" is up to each individual. The genesis of this idea for me was having taken some shadow/silhouette photos, wanting to share them, but not really knowing where to post them. They are "soft" nude photos that are more provocative than explicit. Hoping...

Color vs black and white

Been taking pictures for a good portion of my life and have had amazing results in color and black and white. However, black and white done correctly stands out more and appeals to me. Dan

Recent exotic art photos shot in Hawaii at...

Do send me comments! Come to Hawaii and model for art photography projects.Enjoy. Aloha!

New member introduction

Hello all. My name is David and I am a newbie here. I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am an amateur photographer that enjoys it as a serious hobby. I've enjoyed the outdoors all my life and am an avid hiker/camper. Many years...

Need new photos

I was wondering if there is anyone in the Vancouver BC area that would be interested in taking new photos for TN?

hi all fome new zealand

well just joined the sight a few days ago so i thought i would say to you all out there will be in crete at the end of my have fun all

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Looking for two guys for a nude photo shhot...

Hi, I'm John and i'm an amateur photographer I am going to be in London on 12th December. I am looking for two guys for a nude shoot in a severed apartment in the center of town. The shoot would be based around the dressed/undress man. I am...

My Artistic Photo

I clicked my photo with the help of timer. please give the suggestions & opinion about it.

camera of choice.

Hello everyone, I am new to the hobby of photography and was wanting to hear from those that may have been doing this for a while. What type of camera do you all recommend? Not sure if any of you use any photo editing software but would be great to...

I wonder if anyone has...

I wonder if anyone has thought of live modeling on Skype or other webcam app or website? A scheduled live nude model session. Live art so to speak. Thoughts?


Because we are posting artistic photographs, perhaps people could comment on the picture, what they like or what they don't like , instead of just looking in and moving on to the next. Just a thought. Rob