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curious about Christian values

had this discussion at work, about why evangelicals and other 'christians' find donald trump so palatable. what is it about him that they like, and what about his behaviour makes him seem so 'christ like' to them?

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Hey it's too bad this group is so dead at the moment. Hopefully something will revive it. I'm sick of hearing about healing crystals and religion when at nude beaches (which happens a lot... at least in my experience) so here I am. Do you...

nudist atheist

So we accept that we are atheist, but why stop there? As atheist we want to do what we think is right. Not all atheist want to live to the standards of the social norm. We have our own ideas about what is right. My idea about what is right includes...

Don't want to start a row or offend...

Welcome everyone to the group. Now I don't want to start a row or offend anyone, I think I've made it clear, that I believe everyone has a right to free speech and free thoughts. I have created this group, just as a way for us "none...

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I'm moderator of 'Nudism and Spirituality,' a group I took over when I realised that the previous moderator had not logged in for seven years. You may think that spirituality and religion are the same, but they are not. I've just...

We make the Inaugural!

When President Obama was doing the usual list of allowable religions in the United States, he included "non-believers." OK, former politicians usually are willing to include Judism and sometimes even Islam, but this is the first time...

Richard Dawkins

Fantasitc if he joined this group!

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Prayer at School Graduation!

In Bastrop Louisiana A student, "Duncan" told School officials that he was an Atheist and would tell the Civil Liberties if the Prayer was preformed at the Bastrop High School graduation. The school officials wasadvised by the lawer for...

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by solarman 
Western Australia

Atheists welcome ( ~ ) I'm in Port Denison, we have a nude beach

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Neither True Nor Untrue

Thanks for making this group. All gods are real because people make them real, for good or evil. I say learn from them all but be bound by none. Anyone can feel free to add me here or on FaceBook . I love nudism and...

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