Avid Naked Readers

For those who love to read, either old fashioned paper books ( and my preferred way) or the new fangled ebooks. There was a book reading nudist group at one time but i have not found any trace of it. So this will fill the void.

What author?

If you could have any author. living or dead .add one more book to their writings which writer would you pick? Mine would be Margret Mitchell. Sadly Gone With the Wind was her one and only.

What have you all been reading?

I have plowed thru several books recently. Just simply have preferred to curl up with a book rather than turn on the TV . From action thrillers to adventure travel and even read a paranormal thriller which was a nice change of pace. Averaging about...

Enjoy this quick read

I just finished reading The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy This motley group of four get together by chance (or design?) and have an adventure while getting to know each other- Its considered a graphic novel; the story is...

triple timing an author

I normally jump in my reading , genres and authors. A mix from adventure travel, fiction, little known parts of history. But for some reason I am on my 3rd Grishman novel in a row. I had not read him for years and took one along on my birthday trip,...

Struggling with a Bookclub Read

My book club has chosen The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James as this month's book. It was first published in 1881 and written in a style that seems superfluous for today. I am going to try to get another Clive Cussler book in there this year!

July/August 2023 Reader's Digest

Yes I still subscribe and 10 times a year have a good read of stories and humor. The current issue has an article about a guy lost in the Florida swamp land. He has his lower arm bitten off my a gator, then when he tries to swim away his clothes are...

Can you recommend a good bio of Obama?

Preferably not too biased for or against. Now that he has been out of office for awhile, there are a number of books about him; I want to pick just one that is a bio of his whole life, not just his presidency.

Good Reads

Does anyone else use this site to track the number of books they read? According to it, I read 44 books last year and 228 books since joining a few years ago.

how many books have you read this year?

I am on track to have read 4 dozen for the year. Over a quite a variety of genre. Quite a few adventure travel, but also light fiction, and some biographical . Most inspirational ones We Carry Kevan by Kevan Chandler and Spark Your Dream by Herman...

Empathy with characters in books

My reading mix is probably 2/3 non-fiction and 1/3 fiction. A lot of what I read is first person accounts of adventure travels or an author telling the adventures of someone. People get into so many situations while traveling. From minor short term...