Backyard Nudists

This is a group for those who may be Home Nudists or those who cannot always get to a Nudist Colony, Camp, or Resort and therefore take things into their own backyard! Whether your backyard is private enough or not, perhaps you lay out nude, skinnydip, garden, or mow the lawn, this group is for you!

First Day

Relaxing nude on the deck now. A little cool but tolerable. Rare treat in February.

Private Backyard

Am I the only one who drives by yards with privacy fences and wonder if do those people go nude in their yard like I do? Here in Florida many people have privacy fences, so as I drive by them I do glance maybe catching a glimpse of them nude in the...

Back yard nudist.

I have a very secluded back yard so I often lay by the pool nude. Sometimes if I am lucky I get to do a little yard work as well. There are advantages to living in the country.

Being seen by the Neighbors

Just curious if anyone has been seen by there neighbors while being naked in the backyard?

Pool Maintenance

When we had the pool closed in the fall, I was busy and when I got time to clean the filter for the winter, it was too cool to do it nude. I try to do all of my pool maintenance nude, and since this is a messy job, I especially want to be nude and...


Enjoying these first few 70+ Mississippi mornings outdoors with my nude coffee! The breeze feels wonderful and I long for a nice quite morning nude hike (but thats always the hard part to find!) EVERYBODY have a Great Day!

Happy Spring!

I dont have a backyard, but Im always nude when home when the weather permits! I enjoy being naked inside & my neighbors have NO idea! Today started my full nudity until it turns cold. Be NAKED & ENJOY life!

New member

Hi all. I'm Brittany, 39years of age, widowed. I'd love to meet an open minded men to talk with and see where it goes, age doesn't matter. Email on:

Latest Post
Last day?

Nearing the end of Oct and Im sitting outside naked on the patio. Thinking this might be the last day this season.

Yard work

I love puttering around our yard naked and do so almost daily. I also do a few chores for the next door neighbor lady in the nude. She seems to enjoy watching me work...


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