Backyard Nudists

This is a group for those who may be Home Nudists or those who cannot always get to a Nudist Colony, Camp, or Resort and therefore take things into their own backyard! Whether your backyard is private enough or not, perhaps you lay out nude, skinnydip, garden, or mow the lawn, this group is for you!

Who remembers grandparents letting you go...

Yesterday was a hot day and as I was driving home on a main road, I just happened to look over at a neighborhood house/backyard that backed up to the road only divided by a narrow strip of grass and a chain link fence. I quickly noticed two people...

Safe backyard

Being fully naked at outdoor area is so excited feeling and the best and safe place to do that is the backyard so I am always completely naked at my backyard .

Incomplete Answer

I was doing errands yesterday and ran into an acquaintance who asked me if I was going to do anything to enjoy the pleasant weather. I told her I was going to read on my deck when I got home. I didn't tell her that I was going to do it nude!

Privacy fence

I'm wanting to create a backyard oasis like I've read some of you have. I need a fence. Anyone built their own or have recommendations on the most cost effective style? But still attractive? Thanks

The HOA President's Backyard

Last summer I was visiting a fellow nudist acquaintance who lives not far from me. I enjoy hanging out at his place as i get to relax nude on his back patio in the sun. Plus he has a very well maintained yard so its just lovely. Can even roll around...

Every Month

I was fortunate to find one day in each of January, February and March that was warm enough to be nude in the back yard. Got some time in today, but April is never a problem, as are May - October. Hoping for at least one warm day in November and...

Latest Post
Private yard

We recently moved into a new house with a fantastic back yard. One side has a church with a massive wall, perhaps 16 feet tall. the back has a wall about 10 feet tall and the other side is about 7-8 feet tall. The front is the house, plus I put up...

Cleaning lady

No details just the story. I like to be naked around the house or in this case my apartment when I am alone not to offend anyone. I was in my open shower off the master bedroom and my house keeper (who I thought was older then me, actually 2 yrs...

Backyard and neighbor

This is from a while ago and will be in a few parts. The other day I was walking down the north side of our house along the side yard toward the back when I heard my neighbor's side patio door open. The fence is 6' yet I could see that the...


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