Backyard Nudists

This is a group for those who may be Home Nudists or those who cannot always get to a Nudist Colony, Camp, or Resort and therefore take things into their own backyard! Whether your backyard is private enough or not, perhaps you lay out nude, skinnydip, garden, or mow the lawn, this group is for you!

Hammock time!

This was our first really hot and humid weekend in Connecticut this year so far. I got out my hammock and went out into the woods and picked a nice shady place between two trees to set it up. After I stripped I layed down for the next 4 hours!! I got...

Sunbathing Friends

Looking for others to share some nude sunbathing time together either in my backyard or yours. I'm in the southern tier region of Elmira, NY, near the PA border. Interested? Let me know.

Latest Post
Yard work

Got to work outside nude this am; I have a privacy fence to the north where my neighbor's house is, and the west and south are heavily wooded. I was working on cutting some of the vines that had overgrown my fence-line, when as luck would have it...

Slowly but surely

Wow! So yesterday I suggested to my wife that we should go into our backyard and sunbathe. We have been pretty slammed with work and life lately so I figured it would be a good relaxing moment to just escape for a bit. She agreed. Then I suggested...

Garage Sale Day

This was the Saturday for our homeowners semiannual garage sale. Lots of strangers in the neighborhood looking to pick up bargains on some junk. I went about my usual naked chores....cutting grass, trimming shrubs...undeterred. Got the jobs done. If...

Latest Post
Naked Back Yard Visitors

Recent retired widower in the San Francisco Bay Area looking for a person or couple to share coffee or Tea, Beer or Wine on my patio. Naked of course!

What backyard?

I can't even see the grass with this blizzard that's going on right now!! I like the winter but definitely envy you guys that live full time in a warm climate.

Beautiful morning

Had a nice little cool front come through this morning...brought some welcome rain and a little bit of thunder. Now the sun is out, there's a nice cool north breeze and it's absolutely perfect!

New neighbors

I live on a dead end street and there is a factory next to me ,they were sold and a new company has been moving they cut down all the brush that grew up along the chain fence that gave my backyard cover , was wondering short of a new fence what I...


Absolutely gorgeous day of the week and I'm stuck at work...textile. Hope tomorrow is decent cause I desperately need some nude time cutting the grass.

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