Backyard Nudists

This is a group for those who may be Home Nudists or those who cannot always get to a Nudist Colony, Camp, or Resort and therefore take things into their own backyard! Whether your backyard is private enough or not, perhaps you lay out nude, skinnydip, garden, or mow the lawn, this group is for you!

Back yard privacy improvements underway

We've finally decided its time to get serious about back yard privacy, (even though I'm the only one who will use it nude). I've started taking down an old chain link fence, digging out 30 year old weeds that had been inaccessible due to...

Morning coffee

It sure was nice to be able to enjoy my morning coffee naked on the patio. Hope the rest of the day goes by just like this.

"Getting caught nude in backyard"

Have you ever gotten "caught" naked in your backyard by an unsuspecting friend or guest stopping by the house?

Advice on Outdoor Misters?

After a hot summer in the new house, I was considering putting up misters on the sides of my pergola. Ive seen the videos on YouTube and it looks easy enough to install, but Ive yet to meet anyone who has one. Any advice?

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Mostly private back yard

We live in a small town and have a fence around our back yard. Only one neighbor across the highway from us . If people drive past, the fence slats are spaced far enough apart that drivers can see us naked. Oh well. Our enjoyment of being nude...

Chaos in the backyard

Well, thought I had it made today in my backyard getting all nude and enjoying the morning without the other three (2 daughters, wife) people whom I reside. They are all non-nudist to say the least. Just when I was gaining maximum effort from the...

Backyard Camp Fire

I have a chimnea in the backyard, and occasionally enjoy a night warming by the fire au natural! The feel of the radiant heat on my skin is soothing, only surpassed by my daytime backyard sunning. It warms me to the bones - and I believe provides...

RE:Women who like to show themselves totally...

I spend a lot of time nude in back yard with family and friends. Neighbors can see if they really try. The point is they have to try hard. If they have to try that hard they must want to see so they must not be offended.

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by Sunil511 
Understanding neighbors

I was just talking to my neighbor lady through the fence which has gaps in it and I was naked. I told her that I was doing laps around the yard for exercise and it was safer than walking on the street and I can do it naked and she said all the...

nude deck~

I have a very private home and back yard to hang nude. Often entertain my nudist buddies on my patio/deck for nude coffee. they sure enjoy the male nude time in the great outdoors~ Bill