Beach Nudists.

Tell the group what nude beach you go to, where the location is, how often do you go, and what you like and don't like about it. Or tell us whatever the hell is on your mind lol. I put this group together to find out what beaches around the world are fun to go to in case people are traveling and wondering what a particular beach is like.

Gunnison 9/14

Went to Gunnison yesterday. Generally good day. Not crowded, pleasant temperature on beach and in water. A little windy and rough water but not badd. Saw a man walking to the beach wearing a jacket above the waist and only a g-string below. Strange...

Clothing optional beach

If you would like to see a clothing optional beach on Florida's West coast, please join TBFB. Currently seeking volunteers to be Beach Ambassadors. Email

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Haulover today and tomorrow

Haulover today and tomorrow Anyone else headed there? So excited to get naked outdoors for the first time this year!

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Getting an erection on a nude beach

While it does not happen all the time, there are times when I am laying on my back on a nude beach that I get an erection. Often I will lift my knees so as to not have my erection as visible and other times I will roll over. I find hiding an...

Weirdo on the beach

I couldnt stand being locked up at home anymore and just had to get out for some sun. I was so white and pale you had to look at me with sun glasses! Anyway, I went to Gunnison for the first time in two years (I wasnt able to go last year either)....

My favourite nude beach is

Balmins Beach, Sitges. A nice sandy beach, with safe shallow bathing and a friendly crowd to hang out with.

Playa Balmins, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

I am lucky enough to go here every day spring through to autumn. I do 30-40 minutes aerobic exercise, followed by 10 minutes swim and then a 20 minute cool down, all in the buff. Nice clean beach, 75% nude. Bar in summer.

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Plage de la Lede, Charente Maritime, France.

Just back from two weeks naked at the beautiful naturist beach of La Lede, Glorious sunshine And 30 degrees most days. This is a lovely beach and gets quite busy in the summer. Well worth a visit.

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Nude Beach - Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

We are going to Cayo Santa Maria later in March to put winter behind us and to begin working on getting that full body tan. The nude beach at Cayo Santa Maria sounds great with a nice 1.7 kilometer stretch of white sand to walk along fully nude and...