Beach Nudists.

Tell the group what nude beach you go to, where the location is, how often do you go, and what you like and don't like about it. Or tell us whatever the hell is on your mind lol. I put this group together to find out what beaches around the world are fun to go to in case people are traveling and wondering what a particular beach is like.

Bredene Belgium

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First couple nice days an visited Bredene Nudist Beach. I only found out about the only official nude beach in Belgium a few days ago. Nice wide candy beach.

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RE:Bredene Belgium

I've been here!

It was a very quiet affair but white and pleasant.

Nice cafe / bar too.

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RE:Bredene Belgium

It's a nice stretch of beach, with some lovely windless areas in the dunes behind the beach too!

Feel free to let me know if you plan a visit, I only live 45 minutes from there, and always enjoy meeting up with fellow nudists.

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