Beautiful And Natural Bodies (body)

This group is for all friends and other members....Be proud of your body.....Please insert photos from your body...

hello friends

I love my natural body. and I want to share nudity. I hope male-female couples send message to me and we will meet in real

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nudist camps in colorado

Hello I am looking for a nudist camp or nudist events in Colorado anybody can fill me in that ks

Politics and nudity?

Do you think any USA politician could get elected supporting more nude beaches/parks for nude recreation? German, yes. French, yes. Spanish, yes. In USA?

Sleep's why, scientifically.

recent study showed that less than 10 percent of Americanssleep in the nude.Whaat?!How is thisnumber so low? I sleep in the nude every night. Not onlydoes it make me sleep better, experts swear sleeping naked is actually goodfor you.Take a look at...

Appreciating the beauty of a natural body

For years, I was poisoned by media policy to present the ideal woman body extremely thin with big or oversized breasts. A week in an fkk beach changed completely this fake impression implanted in my brain. Skinny is not ideal and far from the...

Uninvited voyeurs

Beautiful and natural bodies also have secret and annoying admirers.Last summer in Crete, I noticed a guy (shorter than me, hipster beard and impressively trained abs) "inspecting" the sunbathers under his sunglasses. He then retired to the...


I was struck by the group photo featuring two well tattooed nudists. I agree they are beautiful and natural too. The same might apply to piercings, hair removal etc.

Listening to her getting dressed

Just sitting here drinking my morning jo,,, nude of course, listening to my wife getting dressed up stairs. Listening to her clothes rustle, then the snap of the elastic on her panties, and then the loud crack of her female harness being hooked up....

Nude week at Lake Powell!

Lake Powell Nude boating and camping trip 23-29July. Is anyone else planning to be at Lake Powell during that time?

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51 and proud of my skin

Thank you for the add. I am married but she doesn't believe in photos or nudism. My email is My KiK is KEA2067 if you want to chat there.I can only see a few photos due to not being a member.

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