Beautiful And Natural Bodies (body)

This group is for all friends and other members....Be proud of your body.....Please insert photos from your body...

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What's up with all the new people signing up to this site with pictures of them wearing clothes? Why would you sign up to a nudist site and be afraid to show yourself nude? They should be proud to be nudists and not hide behind clothes. That is...

Beautiful women

Beautiful woman. There is nothing I Love more than women Tall, short,fat, skinny, crazy,shy its everything. That's why I am still single at 42. This doesn't have anything to do about sex. I enjoy a women. Im not saying I don't have sex...

Need new friends here

Hi, this is Atul from India, need good friends here, hope I will get new friend requests soon.

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I didn't always embrace my skin and love for the beauty of a human body I did learn that it is a gift people don't see took me going to colonies to understand that all human body is a beautiful thing and we should embrace that

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by ArNudist 
My "Perfect" Body

I know I don't have a "super model" body by any means and I have never claimed to have one.Growing up, I was a chubby kid and got teased a lot for it. At times the teasing got to the level of bullying. This went on for about five to six...

Miss America

Recently, it was announced by the Miss American pageant it was eliminating the swimsuit competition. They felt it objectified women. As nudists, we appreciate the human body. How do you feel about their decision?

Hello; with a short story

HelloI am a very fit and healthy single Life-long Nudist, with very exhibitionist & erotic style. I am 100% straight, and, If I can't be 100% nude, I wear the most minimalist and most shear micro-thong, or brief, that I think I can legally get...

Nudist camping in Netherlands

Hello All, Could you please suggest the best and available nudist camping sites in Netherlands? I am planning to visit for few days in May.

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