Beautiful And Natural Bodies (body)

This group is for all friends and other members....Be proud of your body.....Please insert photos from your body...

go to skype

hi ..... everything is mainly women, i andre from indonesia and i love naked in front of camera via skype, if anyone likes like me we can see each other later and this is my Skype ID: andrestenkgil69 with photo profile picture of green peacock (my...

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Seeking to make friends with like minded...

I have recently joined this group in the hope that I will make contact with like minded people. I enjoy nudity and naturism and the freedom and liberation I get from it at home, away and in areas it is comfortable to be naked, without causing offence...

Introduction: Adam Here

Hey everyone! Adam here. Back on Tn again...Just wanted to introduce myself to anyone who I haven't chatted with before and say Hi to those I have. I had to remove my profile for personal/work related issues but I have resolved them and now Im...

Nudity on the cover

The September 24th 2017 cover of The New York Times Magazine has a picture of a nudist family enjoying a nude swim. I hope people in the USA are starting to lighten up about nudity, it is just skin.

New here

So this is probably a dumb question, but how do you add pictures to the group?

new member

hello folks. I am brand new here--could not figure out how to join a conversation, so did this. Is anyone here? [img_0592]


I was struck by the group photo featuring two well tattooed nudists. I agree they are beautiful and natural too. The same might apply to piercings, hair removal etc.

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Hi Canadian boy here

Looking to make friends and just chat with fellow nudists

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Politics and nudity?

Do you think any USA politician could get elected supporting more nude beaches/parks for nude recreation? German, yes. French, yes. Spanish, yes. In USA?

pics on site

I am a member of this group, but sure how to view group pics, since this website was changed, any help?

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by Chrispy1937 
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