Bicycling Nudists

Peopel that love to ride bicycles, nude,or otherwise. I would be nice to have a meet somewheres and ride for 10-100 miles on a given weekend. Such as a rails to trails conversion, or a segmetn of a highwa, such as teh Natchez Trace. OR meet up at a nudist resort, adn bring our bikes!

Philadelphia WNBR

Hey, anybody else doing WNBR in Philadelphia on Saturday? They are saying nudity is fine, but wear a mask. Should be fun. Anyone going? Would be good to meet up, say hello.

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ebike owners

hi anyone bought an ebike here I just bought a hybrid with shimano steps system would like to know the views of other ebike users

New electric bike for naked riding

I've just bought a folding electric bike to carry inside my motor home. No problem riding totally naked with shoes on, though it didn't help to fall off on a hill and get tossed into the middle of a huge bramble patch. For those who might be...

Any recumbent bike owners out there?

I love riding my recumbent bicycle. At 60 I would remove my shirt and feel like a kid again, with the wind blowing across my upper body. I really want to feel that on my whole body. I hope to join the NO naked bike ride next year. I ride a Vision...

Way home from work

On my way home from work I have the choise to ride my bicycle directly on the main road or ... very happy about it ... through a forest. You know guys which way I take most of the time. The long pants, underpants and the shoes and socks exchanged...

Preparing for a nude ride

When I ride my bike I typically an wearing cycling shorts that are tight and padded. This past weekend, I went for a short ride to a park where we were setting up for a family get together. I took my bike so that the family could come over in a...

Nudist bike riders in Santa Fe/Los Alamos, NM

I'm trying to find a riding buddy in Los Alamos. Someone to ride with rather than just riding alone. Could go to SF also.

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bicycle riding in the nude

how many of us have ridden our bicycles nude ? i have owned a bike since i was 5 or six i guess and and have probably pedaled thousands of miles in my lifetime but the best bike ride i ever had was the first time i took it to a nudistcamp when i...

Hello, I Just joined. I bicycle for exercise...

I bike at a couple of local parks but never nude. There just isn't anyplace to bicycle nude in the Atlanta area. Bicycling is easy on my knees so I can get my heart rate up without the knee pain but still lots of work and sweat and no tears. I...

WNBR in Portland on June 29th

I have seen videos, I have heard this is quite fun... I would love to do this, I cannot find anything on the distance of the ride? Does anyone know how far the ride is? I still want to do it, I'm just curious. Thanks for any information in...