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Do you tell somone i am a nudist on the first date? if not why?

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I tell everyone I'm a nudist, i'm not ashamed of it and never have been. I've learned not to judge people and to be accepting of everyone please share your thoughts.

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RE:Do you tell somone i am a nudist on the first date? if not why?

I think there are a LOT of things you don't "share" on a first-date; if things go south for some other reason, you don't want to give the other person anything that they can't wait to tell someone. If it comes up naturally (pun intended), that's another matter:

Date: You look really nice tonight.

You: Thanks. I really prefer not to get dressed-up; in fact, I don't really care for clothes at all.

Date: Really?

You: Yeah. When they say "Casual Friday," I took them at their word. But you have to wear some clothes. At least that's what HR told me...


You: But around the house, it's just me and my birthday suit. Really surprises the pizza delivery guy...


And so on. If things are gonna get serious, there's plenty of time for that later.

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