Big Nudist People

If your 175 and. Up your welcome to post as many pictures ad you

Where are you from

We are new to the group but would like to know where everyone is from. West Virginia here but travel between Utah and Texas also.

Mature plus sized couple

Richard is an older man 5 9 tall. At times in my life I have weighed almost 300 pounds. I am currently at 215 pounds. My wife is twelve years younger than me. We have been together for over 13 years. Deb weighs 260 pounds. She is comfortable with...

Seeking a large Friend in the North of...

Im Paul from Yorkshire open minded and genuine I would like to meet a large person in the North Of England for friendship. It does not matter how large as I love really chubby people -

me losing a few #

prior to retiring in 2007 i was at 230 # and when clothed i was uncomfortable nude not at all well after retiring i didn't have a routine and even now i go at my own pace well over the years i went up to 270# seemed like overnight but it...

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Over 200

Because of my weight, I'm way too self-conscious to just wear shorts when I shirt is not required. But if nudity is permitted, I'm not even slightly or vaguely self-conscious about being totally nude. I think the reason for that is the...

Comfortable 200.

Tipped the scales at 270 a few years ago then was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, so I dropped 70. Never really cared about my looks when naked ( nobody's interested in a 60+ married guy anyway) but it is nice to climb up and down the rocks at...

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the bbw .curves beauty s my hot pelasure

(pleasure to see and be seen)

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A sexy big nudist

Hello my nudist friend, Ive a big party coming up soon with few big nudist its a private party and we need nudist around to join us so it can be fun if you are interested send me a DM with a picture of you I will be hoping to...

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