Bisexual Nudist Man And Woman

Everyone bi nudist/naturist who likes to show his/her nude body and also likes to look at other people's nude bodies.

Became bi late in life

I have only recently realised that I was bi when I became interested in cock more than I was in pussy. Now I love it and wish I was bi years ago. I have told my wife and she was ok with, saying she thought I was bi owing to the interest I was taking...

The scale

The scale is actively changing. Throughout life people's sexuality changes even without a person knowing. This can also change depending on an individual's perception of themselves deslite outward appearences. I.e man that likes women, but...

I wish my wife was bi

I became interested in male bi activity just a few years ago. Before then I would never have been interested in cock or watching men wanking. My interests have grown to the extent that I look forward to seeing naked men and wishing I had their cock...

Hello all

Anyone know any good places for bi men to go and get nude, maybe by the beach in Denmark ?

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Curious about being bi-curious

I'm curious what it would be like to be with a man and a woman. It's something I thought about 4 years. Any advice for a first encounter

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A new member here, I picked up the thread on cock rings, this interested me as I have just started wearing one, experimenting with bits and pieces of jewellery, I did buy this massive stainless steel cock ring and put it on, but around the ball...

The Kinsey Scale

Do you know what the Kinsey scale is? It measures whether you are gay, or straight or in the middle, bi. A short number of questions and you get a numerical score. Search Kinsey scale on the web and take the test and share your score. Men or women...

Places around toronto?

Anyone know any good places for bi men to go and get nude, maybe by the beach? I know about Hanlans but I am talking about main land and around Durham Region.

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Trans girls

Have you ever considered a trans girl as a partner? I don't mean men dressed up as women, but beautiful young people who realised long ago that they felt that they were more female than male. Some of them go all the way and have radical surgery,...


Anyone near Oklahoma City??

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