Black Nudist

Celebrating Nudism in the Minority Community

4 Hand Massage

I have not had one and dont know how I feel about having one. It is being offered at a spa. $280 for 80 minutes. With one person massaging you, your body anticipates the touch and the movement of the therapist. I would thing that with two people...

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Hello group! Is there anyone here from the NYC/NJ area? I would like to meet more nudist in my area if possible.

Whordrobe Malfunction

I ride my bike every morning on the bike bath near our house. I ware loose fitting shorts and no underware. Today, halfway through my ride, I look down and see that my man bits are halfway out the leg of my shorts. I quickly pulled them down. I...

Any Snapchatters?

Hello there - any one in the group on Snapchat and into posting pics and clips on the fly?

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Feeling Welcome

I found this site by web searching for black nudist. I was directed to this forum and soon after I joined. I was looking for insite on how blacks are received at nudist clubs and resorts because at that point I had only seen one other black person at...

Want to share your experience as black...

Looking for black and brown folks to share their naturist experience for a series on Anyone interested? See some already shared stories here

New Experience

I discovered a Korean Bath House only a few miles from my house. It is a lot different from the Turkish Bath House that I have been going to the past couple of years. The Turkish bath House is historic (opened in 1927) and the Korean bath house is...

What are your Memorial Day Plans

Hello All, I pray all is well with you all. What are your plans for Memorial Day? I may go to a nude beach as well as as a nude resort. What are your plans

Working as a Naturist and Doing it From Home

Naked Colors Podcast: Working from home the naturist way Hey All, As you know I have the Naked Colors Podcast (link above please check it out) That's dedicate to naturism from a person of color's perspective. I recently discussed ways that...

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