Black Nudist

Celebrating Nudism in the Minority Community

Whordrobe Malfunction

I ride my bike every morning on the bike bath near our house. I ware loose fitting shorts and no underware. Today, halfway through my ride, I look down and see that my man bits are halfway out the leg of my shorts. I quickly pulled them down. I...

new member to the group

hello everyone. Im new to the group. looking forward to getting to know some fellow black nudist since i dont know any nearby. Hope to learn from your experiences

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by Mcdcvs 
Why so few Black Female nudists?

I have noticed that there are not too many on here is it they are more private than the rest of us or is it really a lack of Black female nudists world wide? I find all women beautiful it is personality that makes a person beautiful. I don't see...


Naked Brothas, an afrocentric mens Group is having a Palm Springs Weekend Getaway on September 28th-30th. If you would like more information. You can go to Search Naked Brothas.

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Hello everyone! I encourage every single one of you to join the Black Naturists Association (BNA) which just started a few years ago. They coordinate all sorts of bonding experiences online & in person for black nudists and naturists across the USA...


As someone who is just experiencing being nude, I would like to know what your experiences were the first time you were nude in public. Also, I am ample, curvy and BEAUTIFUL, yet somewhat shy of not being small and petite. Thoughts, Ladies?

Newly Nude

I just embraced being clothes free and have NO ideas on where to go. I live in Northern California, but I am definitely willing to travel. Any suggestions appreciated.

Central Florida Black Nudist Group

I would like to create a meet up for black people in Central Florida to experience some social nudism and acceptance of what God bless you with. I would like to know if any local nudist would join me in working on this task.

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Naked Brothas

We have launched a new afrocentric men's group for the clothing free man called Naked Brothas Take a look. We are based in Los Angeles. Here is link for you. Paste the link below in your browser.

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