Black Nudist

Celebrating Nudism in the Minority Community

New to the group!

Hello, I hope everyone's day is fantastic. I am new to the group and look forward to meeting some of you and chatting with you. I am a cool down to earth guy, fun to be around. I am located in Virginia in the Hampton Roads area, so if any of you...

Central Florida Black Nudist Group

I would like to create a meet up for black people in Central Florida to experience some social nudism and acceptance of what God bless you with. I would like to know if any local nudist would join me in working on this task.


I hope that everyone had a Happy Christmas and are now looking forward to the new year eve celebrations. What do you have planned? I am going to ask my wife if we can go to MAR's party.

new member to the group

hello everyone. Im new to the group. looking forward to getting to know some fellow black nudist since i dont know any nearby. Hope to learn from your experiences

A Black Nudist Travel Company That's...

_ The Black Naturists Association is encouraging Black travelers to shed their body fearsand clothesand go and see the world. "... so that people who looked like us had more representation in naturist spaces..."...

The Naked Colors Podcast is Here

Hey Fam, Many of you may or may not listen to podcasts, but I created a podcast that talks about naturism from the Black (People 0f Color) Perspective. Give it a listen and tell me what you think. You can find it on apple podcasts, pocket casts,...

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing one and all a Happy And Healthy Thanksgiving!

New Experience

I discovered a Korean Bath House only a few miles from my house. It is a lot different from the Turkish Bath House that I have been going to the past couple of years. The Turkish bath House is historic (opened in 1927) and the Korean bath house is...

Whordrobe Malfunction

I ride my bike every morning on the bike bath near our house. I ware loose fitting shorts and no underware. Today, halfway through my ride, I look down and see that my man bits are halfway out the leg of my shorts. I quickly pulled them down. I...