Bare Necessities 2020 Nude Cruise

This group is designed as a gathering place those who will be going on this particular SOLD OUT cruise Feb 23 - March 1, 2020. Bare Necessities is a travel planner in Austin TX. See their website at for details on the cruise.

Paradise Lakes

Hi, We are at Paradise Lakes now, any other fellow cruisers staying here. Hit us up.

2022 BNB (formerly 2021 BNB) Group

Hi everyone! I see that there is this group for the Big Nude Boat Cruise that was in YR2020. And there is another one for the cruise coming up in YR2023. What about for the upcoming cruise in Feb. 2022?

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2022 Cruise Group?

I believe the 2020 cruise was changed to 2022. This group isn't very active. Is there another group set up for the 2022 cruise?

Did anyone get sick on the ship.

Just curious I only remember one person getting sick on the ship. Mind you it couldve been the booze. LOL the wife was just curious. And how lucky we were to be able to go home after our cruise

New all male WhatsApp group 18 to 50

There has been a new all male WhatsApp group created where you can chat, make new friends and share experiences. We aim to arrange meets and events soon and will hopefully attand cruises like this. If you are interested please tap on the link below....

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Any Cheap Nude Cruises?

Are there every any Discounted of Cheap Nude Cruises??? I really want to go on one but they are always so crazy Expensive

See you all on the ship

Todays the day! See you all onboard. Trying to get up the courage to do a quick run before breakfast here at Lake Como, but 50F is a little low for running nude and I didnt bring enough clothes to use any up for a run today. Looks like I might have...

Great new place to eat in Lutz. Pre/Post...

Anyone staying pre or post cruise in or near Lutz.. I highly recommend a new restaurant Heritage American Bistro (7 minute drive from Lake Como) Its new and the young couple who own it are wonderful. Food delicious and what else is there? Ive been...


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