Body Jewelry

A group to show off your jewelry. And ask about the best way to wear it.

Non Piercing Jewellery

To pierce, or not to pierce that is the question. Being honest, I live clit clips, but they get in the way of sex. I am worried that if I get a piercing it will affect my pleasure. And where should I get pierced, the hood or... Advice please.

Pictures of men

I am a heterosexual female. I like seeing cocks, the more aroused the better. None of this hiding your face, its all about seeing other real people. There must be thousands of pictures of my pussy here. So, please reciprocate and oblige me.

Ich Zeige mich dir auch mal hier

Hi ich bin Wulfy aus Germany und zeige mich dir auch mal hier

Latest Post
New here

Hi everyone thanks for letting us join. I dont have any piercings as yet , but thing of getting some and where should one start. I do like wearing cock rings the tighter the better as this feels great when in the sun. Lets know your thoughts. Thanks

Art or Porn?

A serious question for all of us nudists. I am a teacher, decent, law abiding and genuinely someone that you would want students to have as a model. I am a nudist and a part time model. There is a boundary between nudity and indecency. Where is it?

Haven't gone far yet

Hi to everyone and thanks for letting me join! I've only got a navel piercing so far and I've been considering some other jewelry elsewhere. Our bodies are the palette and we are the artists! Who's got what in the way of exotic...


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