Body Jewelry

A group for nudists and naturists who wear body jewelery, permanent piercings or not and tattoos permanent or not ... and for all those who like it.

I prefer non-permanent adornments

Hi All I prefer to not have permanent adornments on my body. In act, I also prefer to be 100% fully smooth at all times. I like to wear varying style and numbers of cock rings and cock & Balls rings, mostly rubber or elasticized, in various colors...

Waist thread/chain

There is a tradition in India for boy, girls and men to wear a thread (black or red) or chain (silver or gold). Many reasons were claimed 1. Having a thread/chain accessible is lifesaving if and when there is a snake bite (given India being an...

Media page 11, 5th photo down left side

Hi all, New kid on the block and I was wondering if anyone can help me with the name of the attachment in the above mentioned photo is called and where I could purchase one from. Any advice would be much appreciatedcheers to all.

Nipple piercings

How painful is nipple piercings. I have extremely sensitive nipples naturally. I have been thinking of this but really wonder about the pain. I talked to a woman who said she had no nipple sensitivity and was doing it to make her have feelings. All...

Need advice

Im looking for a glans ring. I think. Its the one that goes behind the head of the penis. But after researching it looks like u cant wear them all the time. I dont wanna get pierced. Any advice?

Nude connect

Available for meet up

Body Jewelry

Whats your favorite body jewelry to wear? Whats your favorite body jewelry to see on someone?

Just thought i'd say hi

Hi there just thought we would say hi to the group surprised that no one else has yet both of us have a nipple piercing he has a PA and she has a VCH

Non piercing jewellery

We like non piercing jewellery such as nipple rings and penis rings , we put them on at home but we have also put them on with a nudist couple that we visit frequently . We do not wear them at any other nudist place for obvious reasons. We feel...

Male Body Modification Documentary

Ciao guys! I am working on a documentary about men and their body modifications. I am seeking males with any and all body modifications. The research is ongoing and participation levels are entirely left up to the participants. The project will...

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