Braless Nudists

This is a group for all nudists who support being braless. Whether you are personally braless, support those who are braless, or are interested in the growing braless trend, this group is for you. This is for anyone supporting bralessness to discuss, share, and learn about the health benefits, issues, and trending fashions related to being braless in public. Also just as a note, whilst I'm...

Pokie Nipples and Braless

God has made everyone unique and beautiful. My question to this group is that how you deal with pokie nipples. I had started my braless day to day activity but my nipples are really pokie, even if they are not sensitive. I tried nipple cover and...


My wife recently discovered the joys of wearing a dress without a bra. She called it freeboobing, and we discovered the term has been around for many years

I absolutely LOVE going braless!

I enjoy it most on a chilly day so my nipples get hard and like through the fabric. It feels good, but I also notice I get some dirty looks from other women. I have small 36b breasts and dont need to wear a bra, I only do because of society. Its too...

Braless Covid

Ive realised that a lot of friends have increasingly been going braless during all the time locked-up at home. Maybe its one nice outcome that people have been dressing more for comfort over the last several months without the pressure to adhere to...

Women looking at other women

I enjoy going braless whenever I can. But like another person said you get dirty looks from other women. I don't understand why? When I see another woman going braless I smile and kinda nod my head. Why are so many other women ashamed of seeing...

My two cents

Personally, I love the look of a woman going braless. Beyond nipple exposure, I really enjoy the way breasts naturally move when unfettered. Most importantly, I find the confidence that a woman shows, regrdless of size or shape, by going without a...


I don't understand why women even wear a bra. Sometimes, okay, but really. Natural comfort should be the goal, not how high your nipples stand.

What about topless?

there is a political movement to allow women to go topless where eve men can How many support ? have you seen

Hello from Maine

Thanks for the add Jayne. Hope all is well with all of you.

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Driving with the girls out

Well I did it. I took the girls out on the way home the other day. It was a little nerve wracking and I wasn't able to take my entire top off. Why you ask? Let me give you a little back story. There is only really 1 road out here. There is...


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