Bromance SP

The relationship between two guys, heterosexual or a bit homo, it doesnt matter. It is a deep understanding of friendship for one another, that counts complicity and who has more affection, even if it manages jokes about being gay or not ... this is not the point. The most important thing is the support it offers to one another. Do you believe that? Did you have the chance to live like a...

Las Vegas visitors martin Luther King...

Looking for any inshape good looking guys who want to hang naked in the Las Vegas area. Some friends and I will be there for that weekend. It would be fun to have more guys to hang naked comfortably with. Las Vegas visitors martin Luther King...

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Did you had a bromance with someone? Share...

if you could share your story about bromance, please fell free to contribute with the group and to other friends! nice regards! :)

What I wish I had...

In my fantasy bromance, me and him are almost always naked, arms around each others necks so that our chests are side by side, skin to skin. In my experience a two-person bean bag chair is excellent for this. I like to just chill that way for hours...

Lay around nude together...thoughts?

It's really great to lay around watching movies, talking, spooning, laying on each other in the nude and just relax. Thoughts?

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by BKerr44 
Nude Driving Buddy

Hey! Im looking for another male whom is available to help me drive from FL to Atlanta or FL to IL. I was hoping to do it while freeballing in the daytime, nude at dusk/nighttime; some light fun along the way. Hit me up for details! Please be male...

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For several years, I had a great bromance. He was bi and Im gay. There was nothing sexual between us and I didnt want there to be. We could talk about anything and everything. We gave each other support during hard times. We also laughed a lot. We...

Looking for bros

Looking for bros to chill with in Chattanooga Tennessee area. Play video games, hike, swim, camp, whatever

Anyone in the NJ area??

Hello, new to all of this and looking for friends/bros in NJ nyc area. Would like to make new friends. Let me know Also any cool places to hang nude or be nude? Thank you,

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Introduction to the Group

As a new member, I just want to say hello to future friends in this community. I am an older married gay male in the DFW area of North Texas. I look forward to making friends here - online for awhile until this virus goes away. Please say hello if...

Naked People Photo Project

Hello, almost 300 people took part in my project, bu we still waiting for new participants! Check this out send your photos if you want :)

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