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Looking for BM Camping Buddy/Buddies for 2017

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I'm planning on going to BM in 2017. Going to do my homework, figure out how to register etc, in the meantime. Would love to have some solid advise from those who have gone, but what I really want is a buddy to camp with at the burn. Planning on driving from Dallas TX, with bare essentials, both literally and physically. I have a lot of nudist buddies, but none who want to spend a week camping in the desert. I'll be happy with one buddy willing to go, but would love to have a bunch of guys that want to go . . . so if you already have a group and would be willing to take on another crazy dude, please let me know! I'm a really fun guy, friendly, sane and adventurous. Also gay and married. Husband is not into being naked or camping or Burning Man, so he will hug me and wish me well. Let's get naked in the desert!
I am told that this year's registration is already full, but hoping to get on board for next year, which is just as well since my calendar for this year is pretty full. I really need the real scoop on when and how to get registered so I don't miss out.

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RE:Looking for BM Camping Buddy/Buddies for 2017

Were you able to make it to Burning Man 2017 or another year?

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