Campers In The Nude

Anyone who goes camping in the nude. Be it a tent, trailer. or bus -- just like camping.

Camping between Cairns and Brisbane in...

Howdy, We are heading from Cairns on 8 October traveling to Brisbane. We usually do free camping but would love to join others for nude camping along the way. Usually we take 4-5 days driving south, few days in Brisbane to see family and return over...

Texas Camping

Is there anyone in Texas that knows of a place to go tent camping near a body of water that is not state controlled. Looking for a place that i can go camping, fishing and enjoy a campfire with a few cold ones. The lakes around Weatherford, TX are...

Outing Nebraska

Anyone interested in an outing camping or other outdoor activities before winter. Love to camp west Iowa or Nebraska.

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Looking at going to Wildwood in Decatur

Assuming I don't have to change my day off again, I'm looking at doing some tent camping the weekend of Oct 8th at Wildwood. It should be cool enough in Texas to be tolerable in the tent by then. Is anyone else in the area?

Central PA 10/8 - 10/10

I have a permit for a primitive spot in Tuscarora SF this weekend. All my usual fall trip pals bailed. Happy to share my site and gear (not including my tent). I'm 45m WNW of Hburg. I gonto SF b/c of how isolated they are which allows for a...

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Nomad Nudist going cross country

Hello all... I will be heading west from Wilminton, NC to Quartzsite Arizona, via route 20 this year.. I'm leaving NC on October 4th and my first stop will be South of the Border for some video clips. If anyone is close to rt 20 and don't...

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Nude camping this weekend. Sept25-26

Erie pa area if anyone wants to go. Message us and we can give exact location. Halfway between Pittsburgh and Erie. We r not Ken and Barbie. We are interested in real people.

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Richmond area outdoor weekend

Planning another overnight at the Chickahominy on the 17th, weather permitting. Probably spend most of Sunday also if you want to come by on a day trip. Safe and discreet location. If interested, let me know and I'll give you directions.


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