Catholic Nudists

A gathering of nudists who happen to be Catholic

Nude Bible Study

Hello all! I'm Luke, 27yo straight guy from Brazil, nudist for 10 years now. I'd like to connect with other straight Christian bros to chat about nudism based on our faith, fully naked the way our Lord created us to be and also make a Bible...

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Nudist Spirituality/Prayer Group

I would love to be part of a Prayer Group where we could lift up our hearts to the Lord while naked in a spirit of simplicity and peace. Maybe even a Bible study or Faith sharing. Has anyone heard of anything like this anywhere? I am in the NYC area...

Pray for peace

I think it is right and proper that we all have a strong moment of prayer for world peace.

Best wishes

I wish everyone a happy and holy Christmas and that 2022 can bring joy and overcoming the problems of recent times.

Latest PostHappy Nude year
by tvlguy61 
Introducing Catholics into the World of...

I am always attempting to introduce textiles into the world of nudism. When speaking to someone who happens to be Catholic, they often will say that the Church forbids it and it is a sin. As Catholics and nudists, we know that this is not the case...

The Miracle of Christmas Wouldn't Happen...

Thank goodness someone like Margret Sanger never had any influence on Blessed Mary. Here was a young, pregnant, unmarried girl who was still in her teens and betrothed to an old lech. Today Planned Parenthood woud be all over this girl telling her...

Holy Easter

I wish everyone a Holy Easter, may the light of the risen Christ illuminate our lives

catholic nudist saints

Catholics actually have four saints they can consider as patron saints of nudists, even though they aren't officially recognized as being patron saints of nudists as of yet: Onuphrius, Peter of Athos, Macarius of Egypt, and Paul the Hermit. They...

Pope John Paul II as Patron Saint for Nudists

I've been promoting the idea of having St. Pope John Paul II as the patron saint of nudists. I've contacted AANR about this but they didn't want to go down this road. In researching patron saints I found that there are no formal...

Anyone been live streaming Mass while nude?

I wish I could do that, but I can't since I live with my family. What about you guys?


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