Having monthly or more grathering of other nudist, enjoy our special life of nudism. call for more information 630/717-6242.

Chicago in March

Hello my naked friends! Hope everyone is staying relatively warm with all the storms we've been having. I'll be in Chicago from Sat March 10 to evening on Monday, March 12. Would be great to meet up with some locals and hang out bare or have...

St. Patrick's Day weekend

My husband and I will be in Chicago 16-18 March, over St. Patrick's Day weekend. Any naked parties or events happening?

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Presidents Day

Anyone have naked plans for Presidents Day?

City people?

Any Chicago people live in the city? The scene seems to focus around the burbs.

Visiting February 18--Looking for place to...

I'm coming to Chicago the night of February 18 for just one night. Would like to stay with another nudist. Anyone willing to host?

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Is this board active?

If there are Nudist events would seem a good forum.

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Illinois Beach State Park

Years ago, nudity at IBSP in Zion was not uncommon, but it had gotten to be a cruising site, and was cracked down on hard (mostly by enforcing the rules about going off trails -- made it harder for honest naturist+naturalist folks like me to get...

Nudist Party for Guys in Chicago

I am thinking of hosting a nudist party for guys at my place later this fall. Who all would be interested in attending?I should have updated this sooner, but I ended up having the partier last month as I am going to be out of the country this weekend...

Naked Weekend

What naked events are happening in the Chicago area this weekend-Nov 3,4, and 5??? Im feeling the need for some naked socializing.

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