Chubby Nudist Men

A place where chubby/fat men can meet and chat without being judged by their bodies. You must have at least two nude public photo of yourself in your profile to be approved.

wardrobe change

as weather warms does your wardrobe at home change ? during winter months i wear a t shirt but always bottomless and when i go to bed same thing just a t shirt but i have noticed over past 5 years or so as i get chubbier the t shirt even though big...


new member to this group. Having had a browse at all the wonderful pics in this group, I decided to add a few of my own :) whilst I appreciate that they need authorising before you can see them, I hope it wont take too long :)

Time to Travel

I'm staying home this Holiday weekend. Wish I was going somewhere fun! Where are you going?

Chubby noob!

Hi all, recently joined the site after coming across it online. I'm a (very) chubby 43 year old Indian guy from the West Midlands in the UK and due to my size am not a social nudist at all. My wife isn't into nudity of any type as she...

nude city

if you had the opportunity to live in a community when it was acceptable to be nude in public would you ? store, bank , gas station , park ! a lot of people have body issues even thin people and especially women or the ones i known but add being...

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chubby men in speedos

We cannot always be nude, do you wear a speedo when you cannot be nude. Nothing hotter than big man in a small speedo!

Cock Ring

Ok I tried using a cockring a few weeks back, how do you get it to stay on ona large (fat lol ) body ??any Suggestions' please.

no underwear

Do you guy go commando all the time? certain occasions? Usually I do with shorts and jeans feels more comfortable and looks better.

Your first time

When was your first time you realized you actually wanted to live the nudist life style? I believe mine was about 30 years ago. I've always loved being nude, but I feel I actually became a nudist then.

Big or thin, small or big, it doesnt matter

The most important thing in naturism is to share your nudity, men, women, young and old, big or small, big or skinny in the same places or to share your photos. What is more important is tolerance and natures approach.