Circumcised Naturists

This group is for all people who are circumcised or those (male or female) who like the way it looks and feels! You can chat, share experience or get in touch with others here who feel the same way.

Hello, I had surgery as a child for problems urinating, and then as an adult, when I got divorced, I had surgery again because the foreskin hole had been left on one side and when urinating or ejaculating everything was accumulated and I had to express repeatedly... I'm very happy I did that...

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RE:My experience.

Hi, I too had surgery as a baby as my forseskin was almost completely closed and was seemingly causing infection so at 18 months (Im told), I was circumcised. To me, I was normal and my brothers were just different. Niavely, I did not find out until I was 14 when my mother, rahter embarassing for her, explained and solved what was a mystery. I pee a bit to one side and my cock head is just more used to getting rubbed touch than if hidden by a hood.

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