Closet Nudists

This group is for nudists that haven't taken that plunge into social nudism

a temporary closet nudist

hi all. I have been in the nudist lifestyle for a long time but right now I am a closet nudist because 1. there is no nudists living in Tri-Cities Washington USA. 2. My room mates won't approve of that type behavor in the house with a 4 year boy...


I am heading to Zimbabwe this summer is there any closet nudits in this group from there?

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any couples or single girls like to swap their photos with us? have to be genuine and not faceless. hope some people will reply

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Out of the closet....

Memorial day weekend for me. First time to a resort. A wonderful experience. The boy is out of the closet now ! I WILL be going back, and elsewhere. Must I now resign from the group ?