Clothed Female, Nude Male

Share your CFNM experiences. Some are accidental, some are intentional, and some are innocent. Some include embarrassment to the males and/or the females, while others may be comfortable situations for both the nude and clothed. Some may be one-on-one encounters or multiple nude males and/or multiple clothed females encounters.

CFNM Desire

Hi There Everyone - I have a sincere desire to be one of the naked males at a CFNM party in the Phoenix area. Is there anyone who is throwing such a party. You can see what I look like by viewing my pictures in this site.

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The Beach

Was at a secluded nude beach on the shores of Lake Michigan recently. I was nude and my wife was in a bikini. Saw a nude guy in another dune about 300 yards away. Went for a walk towards his dune and he greeted me. While talking he said his wife had...

Your Last Experience

Happy to share all the adult CFNM experiences I can remember and the last one is interesting. While staying around the Great Lakes last summer, I was trying to find beaches for skinny-dipping. Towards the end of the summer I was beginning to have...

Central Florida looking for friends.

I would like to meet and make friends with other nudists in the central Florida area. I am 61 and married however my wife will not participate in my nudist activities. Maybe if we meet other people socially she would feel more comfortable.

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Nude waiter

Back last year when there was a lull in all the problems with the virus I was recommended to a lady who wanted a man who was prepared to be a nude waiter at a small garden party. I went to see her to discuss what was required, she explained that I...

A Little Power Goes a Long Way

My wife and I were discussing censorship. Showed her the stick drawing I did for this group. (See above.) Told her the original without the pixels was removed by the TN censors. She was floored. My guess is the censors will also delete this post.

First time

I would really like to experience CFNM for the first time. Is it possible to do this online?


Fortunately able to enjoy several of these moments. I came home from work once after the client had suggested I use her pool naked . I had declined politely and my wife couldnt believe Id passed up the opportunity! I didnt ever again. Later an older...

School check up

I allways remembermy mother having me get my first a check up in school and being nude infront of two nurses , one was the school nurse and the doctor . they would have us undress behind a curtain and come out nude my friends were little shy I...

Recent beach experience

I was at my favourite CO beach a couple of days ago and saw a guy who goes there often, I had not met but decided to say hello. He was happy to meet and in for a long chat. We talked for an hour and he said another friend was coming back to the...