Clothed Female, Nude Male

Share your CFNM experiences. Some are accidental, some are intentional, and some are innocent. Some include embarrassment to the males and/or the females, while others may be comfortable situations for both the nude and clothed. Some may be one-on-one encounters or multiple nude males and/or multiple clothed females encounters.

CFNM Massage

I go to a local massage lady. Shes a Malaysian around late 40s. Unusual in that the client will be naked with no privacy towel across your middle. I like that, it gives me a little thrill. She starts when I am on my front, and midway thru the hour...

Truth or dare

As a teen the first time I was seen naked was playing the game truth or dare. My dare was to strip naked. I was about 15 and the oldest of the 4. Of course at that age it was at full staff. Felt so exhilarating. 2 girl's and 1 other guy played....

New group CFNM-Beach

Hello dear members, please take a look at this new group: CFNM-Beach. Feel free to join this new group by interest.

My neighbours...

I described this events in another group, but think this is more apropriate... The story: I am always naked at home, including in the kitchen, and I since I moved into my current apartment I started to have two old sisters as "direct...

Skin checks

A couple of years ago my wife said I should get a skin check given me being nude in our yard often, I eventually got around to it around 15 months ago. The female doctor said to take my clothes off but to either keep my underpants on or I could, I...


Fortunately able to enjoy several of these moments. I came home from work once after the client had suggested I use her pool naked . I had declined politely and my wife couldnt believe Id passed up the opportunity! I didnt ever again. Later an older...

CFNM Desire

Hi There Everyone - I have a sincere desire to be one of the naked males at a CFNM party in the Phoenix area. Is there anyone who is throwing such a party. You can see what I look like by viewing my pictures in this site.

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The Beach

Was at a secluded nude beach on the shores of Lake Michigan recently. I was nude and my wife was in a bikini. Saw a nude guy in another dune about 300 yards away. Went for a walk towards his dune and he greeted me. While talking he said his wife had...

Central Florida looking for friends.

I would like to meet and make friends with other nudists in the central Florida area. I am 61 and married however my wife will not participate in my nudist activities. Maybe if we meet other people socially she would feel more comfortable.

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Nude waiter

Back last year when there was a lull in all the problems with the virus I was recommended to a lady who wanted a man who was prepared to be a nude waiter at a small garden party. I went to see her to discuss what was required, she explained that I...


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