Clothed Male, Nude Male

Share your CMNM experiences. Some are accidental, some are intentional, and some are innocent. Some are due to shared living circumstances or due to a nudist being comfortable in front of others. Some include embarrassment to the clothed guy, the naked guy, or both, while others may be comfortable situations for both the nude and clothed. Some may be one-on-one encounters or those with multiple...

My furnace quit putting out warm air -- I generally heat my house with wood, but I'm low and will need to run the furnace for a couple of days until I can get more wood.

Called a repair guy. Said he could be out in about an hour. I told him I'm a nudist and that I will not be wearing clothing.

He said, " um ok." Hesitated, but agreed to come out.

When I saw his truck in the driveway, I went out, and opened the garage door.

Turned out to be a very minor problem and he got it fixed right away.

He was a total gaze averter. Didn't look at the ceiling or floor. Rather, he wouldn't even face my direction unless he absolutely had to. He did look at me while I was counting out the cash.

But he knew in advanced -- had to cause for complaint.

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