Clothes On Clothes Off

To compare ourselves clothed (as most people see us) and naked ( as nudists see us).

On video or live only???

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Hello, how are ya'all doing?
Does this group always meet in person or is it sometimes on video or video chat
My Hangouts is
Thank you

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RE:On video or live only???

On Video - actually UK TV. Go to the All4 app and search for Naked Attraction and then for these (they called me Ian).

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RE:On video or live only???

Hi, we caught your appearance on "Naked Attraction" on one of our specialty channels which does not censor their programs. Maybe you should have gone with the "pussy" lady!! LOL!!! Question, we tried and tried to catch the name of the genital jewelry that one of the ladies was wearing but to no avail. Maybe you can supply us with it!! :) Thx

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RE:On video or live only???

I think it was called a Vijassal - a sparkling triangle covering the pubic area.

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