Colorado Mountain Hiking

Share information about good locations to hike nude in the Front Range and in the Mountains. (Boulder/Denver/Ft.Collins/RockyMountainNationalPark/IndianPeaks, Summit County and the Southern Front Range too). No discrimination, so if you have an area not listed, feel free to mention it too.

Alas - naked hiking season is winding down. Why do I say that - archery season starts in Colorado this weekend - the 25th. Most of the places and trails I hike are empty of people except during hunting season. I don't relish being naked and coming across a bow hunter on the trail from a more conservative state (I'm try not to offend anyone here). Later, during rifle season, its getting a little chilly to hike naked anyway, which is good because wearing orange kind of defeats the purpose - may be a little orange paint? What to do? May be a trip out to Utah to slickrock country? I do hope to slip in another hike or two between seasons.

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