Could Be Nude 24/7

Anyone who would be conformable being completely nude 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you would be comfortable nude doing everyday things like working, driving, shopping, going to the bank, every day activities. I know I would if it was socially acceptable.

Would if I could

I would feel confident not shy about going into town, trains, shops, going out etc Here in uk, I guess people would take offence and Id get into trouble. However I have been to non nudist beaches, woods and countryside-public footpaths naked across...

Perpetually naked friends

I love this site because here I can constantly be completely naked in front of anyone. I am not ashamed to show my total nakedness. Being naked is a way of being fully myself, and I want to share my nakedness with everyone. In this period when...

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When You Can't Be Nude

... Do you wear as little as possible? No shirt for men and halter top for women? Short shorts? Minimal swimwear? No underwear?

Where in the USA can you be legally nude?

I was just curious when and where ( other than beaches , bike rides etc) can you be legally nude in public in the US for a day or a weekend? Or? Is there any place through out a normal year where there are events allowing nudity?

Looking for nudist friends

I am Andrea from Italy. I like being naked and I am not ashamed to be naked in front of anyone. Being naked is a requirement of freedom and sincerity. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, my chances (previously scarce) of being socially naked have been...

Ringing in the nude year

Wow what a way to ring in the new year. I spent most of the day working around the house and relaxing watching tv all while nude. Then after the New Year around 1 in the morning I went and put fuel in the car then drove to the Post Office to check...

never shy about being seen naked

and if i could i would be naked all the time, i am always naked at home even with textile company nothing to be ashamed about. i even have a st8 textile living with me and his girlfriend, they are clothed i am always naked

Every cloud has a sliver linning

Like a lot of people our Christmas plans had to be change we were supposed to have gone away for the hols but due to the Covid restriction we had to stay at home so that ment for the first time in ages i had a naked Christmas with almost 10 days of...

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I like being constantly naked in front of...

I love being here because it is the opportunity to be and constantly show myself completely naked to anyone. And that's something I really like. I am not ashamed to be seen naked by everyone, on the contrary I wish there were more and more of...

I absolutely could live au naturel 24/7.

Other than when its too chilly, I could totally live without clothes. It so much more liberating and feels right. The longest Ive ever gone nude 24/7 is 3 straight days, even went to dinner! This was at Cypress Cove here in Florida.