Couples Who Like Single Guys!

There are so many couples who don't want anything to do with single guys. Yes, there are some who have ruined it for the good ones...but don't give up cause there are alot of couple who really enjoy the friendship of single guys. This group is made for those couples and those singles as a way of letting themselves known without the rejection!

I wonder if there are any such couples

Of all the nudist couples I've ever known, there is not a single couple that likes single guys. So now I open this to the folks here - are there any nudist couples in Ireland who would like to meet up with a single guy?

HI Guys!

Any couples north of Atlanta? Would love to meet home nudist who also visit PVR sometimes.

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Older couples in Herts

Hi there, any older couples 55+ in Herts who would like the company of a single male ? Can be for a walk, a drink or just a social fun meet. Message me if you are interested

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Hello Couples. Fit single here ;)

Hi, I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group. Would love to welcome new friends :) Col.

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North yorkshire

Hi everyone. I live in North Yorkshire and have been a Home nudist many years and finally took the plunge this year and went out into the world and went naked camping. I loved the feeling, it was great. I would love to meet up with anyone in the area...

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My neighbors

I'm always nude in my backyard, I knew that my next door neighbor could see me and I waited to see if they say something or complain, we started to talk, be friendly. All the time, they always came to talk to me while I was nude in my backyard...

Seeking fellowship

Hello! My name Robert. I'm relatively new to this site. I only joined a little over a month age. Im not here for sex or to go straight to look at someone else's pic's. I am a nudists because I like enjoy clothes free living. Especially...

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UK (South East, Hastings) Single, 39, Male...

Well I have tried Match and eHarmony and seems everyone on there thinks Naturism means you are a sexual deviant or a perv. My profile on here says most of it, I am just an average naturist bloke looking for like-minded friends first and then...

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Calling UK Members

Fairly sane older guy here, still got own hair and teeth etc seeking contacts in the UK for coffee and chat, keen naturist camper too

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East Tennessee

I am in the east Tennessee area if any couples, females or guys are interested in meeting and hanging out nude together.Richard

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