Devon & SW UK Nudists

Open to anybody who lives in the Devon and South West UK area and loves to be naked.

Any local nudists want to get together this summer? Or at least once it warms up a bit anyway. Always nice to have company on the beach and keen to find new places to get naked.

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RE:Summer 2024

I was born in Exeter and lived in Cornwall with my late wife for a while before moving up to the South East (West Sussex). I have a daughter and son-in-law and family who live in Penzance and a brother and sister with their families who live one near Bideford and one in Holsworthy. Less now than I used to but I visit them occasionally. If I'm going down to Penzance I like to stop at Colliford Lake, just off the A30 south. The parking is free and there is a vast expanse of a lake with the opportunity to walk around. I only have been with my late wife, who was not in favour of nudity, so I had to leave her in the car and disrobe when I was a suitable distance, and then I could walk around the lake naked. I hope to repeat this sometime on my own or with a naked friend at some point. It's worth a visit. Unless you encounter others who are walking around, or bird watchers spy you with binoculars it's pretty much remote. However, on one occasion I came back to find a motorcyclist who was employed to operate a drone to do surveys of the reservoirs for the water company lol! Not sure if it would have me on camera but I don't care anyway lol! I definitely was caught naked on a drone camera in Israel at the Dead Sea once, but that's another story for another day.

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