Donald Ducking

This group is for all those nudists who also enjoy being nude only from the waist down, at home or everywhere. Donald Ducking is a reference to the Disney character who is the only one without pants, and as we can see no underwear too. Here is a place to share experiences and talk about the Donald Ducking behaviour.

Donald Duck's shirt length

I've never tried it in public, but did at one stage wonder if I could walk that way from the carpark to the CO section of Sunnyside beach. Alas, none of my shirts were long enough to get away with it in a textile environment. I probably could...

Donald Ducking Stories

Guys i would like to hear your DD story, like: someone catched you, how you discovered you liked to DD, etc. By the way thanks for all the members who share awesome pictures, keep them coming!

Daisy Ducking is fun too!

Love to Daisy Duck often. Are there any other Daisy Ducks out there?

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by Arnudist 
Does Donald Ducking have advantages???

Donald Ducking has allowed me to do several activities in my yard without getting dressed. Now that is a great feeling!

Nude is wonderfull

Hello. usually in winter I enjoy being nude only from the waist down, at home or everywhere.

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Temps have dropped but...

The yard is still growing. It all needs mowed this week but daytime highs are only going to be in the 50s. So I will be donald ducking the portion I normally do totally nude.


I had no idea thats what it was called. I love it! I sleep with a T-shirt, but thats it. My shoulders get cold. And I will wear it some during the rest of the day because I keep my apartment kind of cool. If Im working from home, I wear a decent...

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