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Big Brother is Voyeuristic

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Talk-back radio in Melbourne today discussed the upcoming implementation of overhead cameras to catch people using mobile phones in illegal ways (handheld) while driving. Having done a trial without infringements being issued, they shall roll out the full system in coming years.

They have already rolled-out such a system in New South Wales.

After the interview with the government person, a caller told of the experience of one of his employees getting caught by the NSW system while driving on company business (hence the infringement notice went to the employer). He confirmed the pictures clearly showed the phone resting on the employee's thigh and had enough resolution to read the label on beer can that was sitting in the cupholder.

Naturally, those of us who drive au natural, will also be seen by the electronic eye. I wonder where those images may end up? :-D

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RE:Big Brother is Voyeuristic

Hadnt thought of that one - I live in Brisbane where the mobile & seatbelt cameras have just been introduced. Works about a 45 minute drive each way for me and I regularly strip off for the drive home through the suburbs - wonder if theyll send me a happy snap of me in my birthday suit?

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RE:Big Brother is Voyeuristic


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RE:Big Brother is Voyeuristic


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