Exhibitionist Nudist

This is a group for nudist people who love being a exhibitionist as well. Love being seen in a non nudist environment nude. A place to tell your tales about it.

I missed a great opportunity

The lady that does my waxing at a salon knows of my love for nudity. She is even a fan of it herself. We have talked many times about how much I would love to walk out completely nude when were done. (They have actually had a guy do that before in...

Exhibitionists Paradise : SFs...

The Huge #ClothingOptional #StStupidsDayParade is Coming Up in San Francisco Monday 1 April? See DeTails in Description : https://youtu.be/tmvcMf8qaFg?feature=shared

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Nude Anywhere, Anytime I Can

I like to be naked where it's not expected or allowed. At nude events/socials I'm always the first one to strip and the last one dressed. I've been naked driving, bike riding, in city parks, school, bars, cemeteries.

Perspectives: Nude & Viewed, Erect, Etc.

I'm 100% hetero, and 100% into being in public viewed and videoed and photogeaphed while performing all types of heterosexual activities, one-on one and groups. Fact: Nude is Natural, Natural is Normal: this includes nude in all natural...

Hotel room exhibition

I left my wife and the hotel room I went downstairs pick up the newspaper on the way I asked one of the maids that we needed more coffee for the coffee maker she said okay I'll send someone up well the gentleman just walked in my wife thought it...

Seeking other NYC male exhibitionists

Would be fun this summer to hang out in the city with another male exhib and dare each other to increasingly risky outdoor nudity. And of course take pix of each other doing it, to post for this group!


I read a tread in which nudists boasted about being naked in front of an audience - 200, 300, 400... So I signed up to go on UK TV's Naked Attraction. It's a show in which one person (the picker) choses between 6 naked people in different...

Honesty friendship

I am nudist from Bhopal Madhya Pradesh state. I have been in this lifestyle for a long time since 1990 at the age of 14 and have also met naturist friends from India and abroad. I'm looking to connect with other nudists around Madhya Pradesh and...

Nude in rv

I spend 5 months a year in my motorhome , mainly in the uk , try to be naked as much as possible inside rv all time outside when possible , like being seen in rv naked, drive nude as much as possible.

My favorite thing

About 50 years ago when I was 17 sitting in my parents backyard, reading a magazine nude and all of a sudden the door pops open and my sister at the time steps out. I put the magazine in my lap, but she realized in a few seconds I was nude I just...